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Dr. Hulda Clark Zappers

We are pleased to be offering a new product, The Hulda Clark Zapper. For those of you who are not familiar with this device, it is a small battery operated electronic frequency therapeutic device designed by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. and her son Geoff Clark.

Dr. Hulda Clark Zappers

They were initially trying to develop a device that would eliminate the Human Intestinal Fluke parasite quickly and painlessly when they discovered that it also eliminated virtually every other parasite, virus, bacteria, mold, and fungi after only 7 minutes, a truly astounding discovery.

They were having the client hold on to two copper tubes connected to a small 30 Khz square wave frequency generator. The copper tubes were covered with a wet paper towel to avoid metal contamination and improve electrical current conduction. They noticed an immediate change in the number of parasites in the client. They then turned the machine off.

Unfortunately, within minutes they noticed that a new batch of parasites would appear after a treatment was completed. Somehow the dead parasites were aiding the next generation. Hulda and her son, after looking through the parasite population over time, worked out that three 7 minute applications of the zapper with a 21 minute delay between each application was needed to successfully eliminate all of the parasites.

Then Hulda, after making this amazing discovery, did an amazingly generous and humane thing... she gave away the Hulda Clark Zapper design with instructions on how to make it with about $30.00 worth of parts in her book, "Cure For All Cancers." This information has now been reprinted and improved upon in her other books, and is also available on the Internet.

The parasite cleanser zapper has now been reported to be helpful with an endless list of conditions, including parasites, molds, fungi, flukes, viruses, bacteria, and the common cold while improving energy, vitality and health.


Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any effects - good or bad - believed due to the use of the Zapper. Please read The Cure For All Diseases or one of the other Hulda Clark books before using this device. Do not use this device if you are pregnant or using a pacemaker. This device is for research and experimentation only. Before using consult your professional health practitioner or Medical Doctor.

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