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Sound Therapy DVDs and Videos


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Sound Therapy DVDs and Videos


Serenity DVD

This amazingly relaxing sound therapy DVD was produced with activated frequencies specifically tuned toward creating a relaxing environment.

The Serenity Series has been designed using technology that blends bio-active information patterns with sound and light. Decades of research and development in the fields of subtle energy, sound and light, as well as unique delivery methods make the Serenity tape the first of its kind in the world.

This Serenity DVD was conceived and created by Irene Jenkins and Peter D. Moscow, Ph.D. It features music by Shad Diamond, Ph.D., developer of Superquantum Tones and film footage by award winning Producer/Cinematographer David Smith, who has filmed in over 60 countries.

The DVD transports you to beautiful nature scenes from around the world, while the music promotes relaxation.

  • 1/2 Hour of beautiful scenery
  • Lots of Beautiful Mountains and Water shots
  • Filmed around the world


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Messages From Water

Photo-Essay from Japan

By Masaru Emoto

This is a "photo-essay" of water crystals as they are mysteriously formed when exposed to music and words.

In this amazing DVD, you can watch how water crystals form as they are exposed to Mozart or to words written on a piece of paper or even to thoughts projected toward it.


Sound Therapy DVD



Soundscapes & Bringing Matter to Life with Sound

By Hans Jenny

This DVD catches the amazing power of Dr. Hans Jenny's work on sound and vibration. A visually exciting and fascinating portrayal of the interplay of vibration and form, energy and matter.

CYMATICS, the study of wave phenomena, was pioneered by the Swiss physician, artist and natural scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny (1904 - 1972). Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Jenny's penetrating observations of patterns in nature led to these dramatic experiments, animating inert substances with audible sound.

The stunning array of images seen on this DVD are actual physical phenomena - these life-like, flowing forms result from audible sound stimulating various liquids, pastes, powders and iron filings. The results mimic geologic, atomic, solar, biological and galactic shapes and movements.

There are no computer-generated images.

"Dr. Jenny's Cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in portraying the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound (vibration) but because they inspire a deep recognition that we are part of this complex and intricate vibrational matrix, suggesting that the subtly vibrations of our very thoughts and feelings may have great effects on what will manifest in the physical world." - Jeff Volk, Series Producer

See Dr. Hans Jenny's original Cymatics book, re-issued in a deluxe hardbound edition (312 pages with 350 photographs).


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Sound Therapy -
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