Sound and HealthThe sky and it's starks make music in you. - Egyptian Temple Inscription at Denderah
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Sound and Health


The use of music and sound is one of the earliest recorded healing modalities, dating back to perhaps, 30,000 years ago.

How does sound affect our health?<br>With information on other alternative health care.

Sounds and Health

We are surrounded by sounds in various forms twenty-four hours a day. Some of these sounds (noises) can adversely impact physical and emotional health over a period of time. The impact of the same sound (noises) over time is the formation of an energy pattern in the body which is analogous to a hologram.

Sound Researchers have shown that certain kinds of music and sounds can help individuals balance the cumulative effects of "noise" to help bring about energetic harmony. However, one person's noise can be another's music.

It has been shown that specific kinds of music and sounds can either strengthen or weaken muscles of the body. Sounds can help the complex human system achieve a better level of health, as measured by kinesiology, biofeedback, electro-acupuncture, etc.

Sound Awareness

The auditory system is the first to be functional in the human fetus. It also appears to be the only bodily sensory system that is active twenty-four hours a day, whether you are awake or asleep. The effects of sounds (noises) can occur below the level of consciousness and below the level of hearing. An example is the effect of the U.S. 60-cycle electric power grid and the alternating current that flows through our homes and offices.

Sound Therapy

The goal of sound therapy is to determine those sounds (frequencies) that are out of balance, and then feed the balancing frequencies back to the individual. This process enables the body to achieve an energetic balance so that the body can heal itself.

Sound Health

An early book by Steven Halpern and Louis Savary is Sound Health: The Music and Sounds That Make Us Whole. "The ultimate purpose of this book is to foster health, peace and harmony in your life and in the world."

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Alternative Medicine

Click the link below to find information on complimentary and alternative medicines.

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