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Natural health products and ionic toothbrushes from

Trace Gold Mineral Water

Trace Mineral Water with a touch of aeteric Gold.



Ionic Toothbrush

The Proton Natural Ionic Toothbrush

This manual toothbrush is a revolutionary natural alternative health product toothbrush, invented in Japan. Studies there have demonstrated a significant reduction of bacteria and decrease in plaque in the mouth after use.

Using this toothbrush is like using a non-Fluoride toothpaste!

Is Fluoride Safe?

With the Proton Toothbrush TM, you avoid the danger of Fluoride eliminating the toothpaste you use. This lets you reduce your exposure to Fluoride and Fluoride poisoning. Too much Fluoride is a known toxin if taken internally. Pregnancy and Fluoride toxicity is especially a concern.

How Does It Work?

This toothbrush has two metal disks inserted on the back made of magnesium and copper. These disks interact with each other in the saliva creating a low voltage electric current which can magnetizes plaque away from the teeth and kill bacteria which causes bad breath.

The electric potential difference between precious metals and base ones generate both a voltage of 0.8 - 1.8 and an electric current of 20mA - 1200mA in the saliva as well as minus ion. Bacteria in your mouth will be killed by voltage over 1.3, thus you have the sterilization effect.

The action of electrons removes dental plaque from areas where conventional toothbrushes cannot reach.

How To Use

Brush for 2 minutes, gently on all surfaces. Brush thoroughly near the gum line. Give extra attention to problem areas.

No need for fluoridated toothpaste. If you still want to use toothpaste, use it with a regular toothbrush. after using the Proton Toothbrush.

It is normal to experience a little foaming with a slight metallic chlorine taste. This could be due to the ozone molecules.

Some discomfort may occur at first. This should go away after a few days.


The handle and head of brush is made of polypropylene.

The brush is made of Nylon made by DuPont.


If either of the metal disks loosens, replace the toothbrush immediately. The Metal disks can be hazardous if swallowed.

Replace the toothbrush every six months or when the bristles widen or become worn or split. If teeth are brushed with worn bristles, your gums may become injured or inflamed.

Proton ToothbrushTM is a trademark of BioWaves, LLC.


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Natural health products and ionic toothbrushes from
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