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Become a Sound Therapy Practitioner

Software and Training

The development of computer technology and electronics have made it possible to add a new dimension to sound therapy. With appropriate software and training, it is now an easy matter to sample the voice, analyze the quality of the vocal spectrum and then program a tonebox to deliver the sounds.


Training in Bio-Resonance Therapy using the The Sound Assistant™ Software is available for both beginner and advanced practitioners. Practitioner courses cover the theory and application of Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy, including:

  • The power of sound to influence life systems
  • Overview of the history of using sound therapeutically
  • Diatonic even tempered scale
  • Astrological and planetary correlates
  • Natal, inverse, magnetic and electric notes
  • Harmonics
  • Resonance
  • What the voice reveals
  • Alpha - Theta brain waves
  • Analyzing the vocal frequency spectrum
  • Relationship of frequency to substances
  • Delivering and monitoring frequencies

Courses use a combination of lecture and hands on computer experience and are designed to prepare practitioners with the knowledge and expertise they need to offer an effective form of sound therapy to their clients.

To find out more, check our our Questions about Sound Therapy Training page.

Become a Sound Therapy Practitioner
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Sound Therapy -
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