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Pyschoacoustics - The Science of How we Hear


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Psychoacoustics is the psychological study of how we hear, and how sounds entering our ears are processed by the nervous system. We treat Psychoacoustics with a slightly larger meaning than most Psychoacousticians who study the abilities and limitations of human hearing in incredible detail. In BioWaves Sound Therapy, we are interested in the emotional and psychological effects of sound as well as the knowledge from standard Psychoacoustics.

The Brain

The brain and nervous system processes the neurological signals from the cochlea.

Brain Waves

Brain Waves have been studied by scientists for many years now.

Standard Psychoacoustics

Psychoacousticians have gathered a fascinating amount of information about the abilities and limitation of hearing. Results of their work has come to the fore with the recent use of the MP3 audio compression technique.

Musical Psychoacoustics

Music is one of the few Universal experiences of life, in that it is found in every culture of the world. It is used to express, to energize, to sooth, and in just about every facet in between. One of the relatively poorly researched area of Psychoacoustic Music is in its relation to memory.

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats were first patented and utilized by Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute. Binaural Beats are fascinating in their ability to alter brain waves. See Binaural Beats.


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