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Arden Wilken has been playing music with the intention of helping her listeners, usually just one person, since 1978. During that time, she discovered 50 or so "motifs" or short musical phrases that seem to affect people in a repeatable, specific way. The motifs seem to require a perfect circle of fifths or completely harmonic scale that is purportedly the same musical scale used by Pythagoras of Samos.

Over the last 25 years she has teamed up with Jack Wilken to expand and enhance the art and science of these motifs.

They now have made sound therapy available to everyone, from tuning forks to Autophonetics, a form a voice training.

Anyway... their link: InnerSoundOnline

One sound researcher, Arden Wilken, seems to have discovered various musical motif's that have profound effects.

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An alternative medicine therapy for holistic health and wellness.



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