Indian MusicVibration is movement. Movement is activity of a positive and negative force. - Edgar Cayce (281-29)
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Indian Music

In classical Indian music, a musical piece is not called a song, but rather a Raga. A Raga is a precise melody form. It is often thought that Ragas are similar to Jazz in structure, but this only really applies to the fact that both forms provide for improvisation within the framework of the melody. Indian Music really explores rhythm and melody while avoid the Western harmonies and counterpoint.

Indian Music

Indian Music has a prescribed method of of introducing the Raga through an "Alap," which is a slow and unmetered development. The other players, most notably the Tabla player with their twin drums, will join in the musical progression. Indian Musicians will often adjust the length of a song based on the concert requirements, the feeling they get from the audience, and from their own emotional and physical state. Frequently, Indian Musicians will conclude a concert with a lighter tune called a "Dhun."

The actual notes or Solfeggio used in each piece of music changes with the time of day. More information on this can be found in the section below on Solfeggio.


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