Medicine Song IIWhat we nurture in ourselves will grow; that is nature's eternal law. - Goethe
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Medicine Song II

Medicine Song II


Medicine Song II includes a chant book and sound therapy CD using powerful ancient Hebrew chants, along with Egyptian, Aramaic and Chinese chants inspired by the Pistis Sophia Gnostic texts and dedicated to Sophia and Mary Magdalene's praise song. This album is an inspiring and important tool for transformation and healing.

This beautiful and powerful collection was completed just eleven days before the September 11 events. During the first three weeks of September, Ani was on tour with these chants, in peace concerts, on radio and television, encouraging people of all traditions to chant for the well-being of all people and the earth. This recording comes with an informative and illustrated booklet, and the transformative chants include rich vocals, harp, viola, violin, flute and middle-eastern percussion.

Sing Along

For maximum effectiveness, it is suggested that you sing, hum or tone along with this CD. Your voice vibrates your whole body, and helps lead to health and wholeness.

Click on a green button to hear excerpts. Click again to stop.

Ruach Ha Koidesh (Hebrew) - Holy Spirit or Holy Breath

Breathe deeply and celebrate the holy breath that moves through all things.

Chorus: Seven Amens (Ameyn in Aramaic)

Eloha Elohim (Hebrew) - Creator of the Light

Visualize the growing light as you sing along.

Chorus: Ha Shem Shekinah Esh - The sacred name of the holy spirit.

Bath Kol (Hebrew) - Daughter of the Voice

Femine praise song that calls for harmony.

Chorus: Voice of Light, Voice of the Dove, Descending Light, Ascending Love

Bnai Elohim (Hebrew) - Sons and Daughters of Light

Sons and Daughters of Light unite to serve a higher purpose.

Chorus: Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Abdonai Tsebayoth - Holy Holy Holy Hosts of the Light

Mariham - Mary Magdalene

Mariham is the name assigned to Mary Magdalene, the beloved.

Zohar Hadash - Zohar Metsuloth (Hebrew) - Call forth Light

Call forth light and splendor (Zohar) from the depths (Metsuloth).

Sa Sekhem Sahu (Egyptian) - Call forth Life Force Energy to the Body

Call forth the sexual primordial life force energy (Sekhem) into the light body (Sahu.)

Recorded live in Abyddos, temple of Osiris.

Arirang (Korean) - Song of Joy

From the tradition of Shinsundo, Call forth joy on finding one's true self.

Kwan Yin (Chinese) - Chant to Kwan Yin

Chant to invoke grace, beauty and purity.


Inspired from a poem by Lala, a 14th century Kashmiri poet.


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