Dr. Alfred Partheil On the Numerical Relationship of Atomic WeightsThe invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Dr. Alfred Partheil On the Numerical Relationship of Atomic Weights

The Correlation between Substances and Frequency

Dr. Alfred Partheil was the first scientist to suggest a correlation between substances, or specifically chemical elements, and frequency. So, here it is, Alfred Partheil's Paper <i>On the Numerical Relationship of Atomic Weights</i>  translated by BioWaves into English.

We know from Einstein that mass and energy are interchangeable, but what we don't understand, yet, is how. We do, however, have several theories.

Dr. Alfred Partheil was a professor of pharmacology in Konisburg Germany at the end of the 1800's.

His work has lead to one of our most interesting areas of research, the association of various chemicals to a low frequency in the audible region.

Specifically, Dr. Partheil noticed a relationship between the atomic weight of each element and its vibration number and musical note. Here is a table of his research findings. Notice that he is using the values for of the elements as they were known in his time.

For accuracy verification, we have included the original paper in German.  It is VERY LARGE!  Each page is over 300 KB.


Table Published in Alfred Partheil's 1903 Paper
Element   Atomic
  Pitch   Vibration
  Musical Note
Li   7.03   112.48   # A -1   112.5   A
B   11   176   # F 0   177.7   F
C   12   192   G 0   192   F#
O   16   256   C 1   256   C
Na   23.05   368.8   b G 1   368.64   F#
S   32.06   512.96   C 2   512   C
Ca   40.1   641.6   E 2   640   E
V   51.2   819.2   b A 2   819.2   G#
As   75   1200   # D 3   1200   D
Br   79.96   1279.36   E 3   1280   E
Sb   120.2   1923.2   B 3   1920   B
Hg   200   3200   # G 4   3200   G
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