Find out what's involved in having a BioWaves Sound Therapy session.It has been found that the rhythmics of the human organism function utterly harmonically -- that is, the frequencies of pulse, breathing, blood circulation, etc., as well as their combined activities. - Rudolf Haase, German musicologist
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Having a Session

What happens during a Sound Therapy Session?

Find out what's involved in having a BioWaves Sound Therapy session.

In the initial analysis session, the client's voice will be recorded by a computer. The computer then determines the energetic frequency content of the voice. The practitioner then utilizes this information to discuss the situation and possible solutions.

How long does it take?

Voice Analysis takes just one office visit.

Will I need to sign anything?

Prior to the appointment, you will be asked for background information, and asked to sign a liability waiver. Since this is an experimental technique, and is not recognized by the AMA or FDA, you must sign a waiver certifying that you are volunteering for the assessment.

Because of the experimental nature of this technique,
no claims can be made to its appropriateness in any given situation.

Is it covered by insurance?

Because it is experimental it is not normally covered by medical insurance, and we ask that we be able to use the data we collect in our research.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable?

If you feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to tell your practitioner.

What will the voice print indicate?

The voice print will indicate frequencies that are deficient and frequencies that are in excess. In addition, the software will attempt to correlate those frequencies with the energetic frequency signature of nutrients, chemical, amino acids, muscles, drugs etc.

How will the practitioner try to rebalance my energy?

The practitioner will normally play the frequencies that are missing, or a balancing frequency for those in excess. Practitioners normally use a tonebox.

How will the practitioner know if it's working?

Practitioners normally use a pulse oximeter to measure the pulse rate and oxygenation of the blood. We notice a distinct lowering of the pulse rate, and increase in the oxygenation levels when we find a frequency that supports your body. This support then allows your body's natural healing capabilities to operate more efficiently, thereby restoring health and wellness.

What do you do with an excess of frequency energy?

We have not developed a technique to directly take away a frequency. Our only choice is to add more of a frequency that balances it. It is very similar to the problem of mixing paints. If you have too much of a certain color in the paint, there isn't anything you can do to take out. Your only choice is to add in more of the other colors until you get the desired tone.

When you voice displays an excess in a particular frequency, a practitioner will try to rebalance it by providing the complimentary or "inverse" frequency. Again, it is just like with color where you will add more green to balance or nutralize the excess red since green and red are compliementary colors of one another. We will do the same thing with "frequency" compliements.

How do you determine a note's compliment?

The easiest way to find the compliment or "inverse" note is to take the 12 chromatic notes, C, C#, D etc., and draw them in a circle, just like with a color wheel. The complimentary note is the note on the exact opposite. For example, here you see the compliement of C is F#. Musicians will know this as the augmented fourth, or tri-tone.

So, when you have a voice that has an excess energy in the note of C, we'll often give, or have you play the note of F# to balance it.

How often will I need to have my voice evaluated?

This completely depends on your health situation, as well as your current results, and varies greatly from person to person. The therapist will be able to show you any changes in your voice print.

What are other possible methods of rebalancing after the session?

  • Obtaining a customized tonebox
  • Listening to music in a particular key
  • Playing musical instruments in a particular key
  • Toning or singing with your voice in a particular key

Can anyone else benefit from my tones?

No. These tones were uniquely derived from your voice analysis, and are unique to you. You should never allow anyone to listen to your personalized frequencies in the tonebox.

Can I do anything to increase the effectiveness of the tones?

Yes, tone or sign along with the tonebox. There is no better way of vibrating and entraining a missing frequency than to sing along. This will get your whole body vibrating with the frequency from inside, in the most holistic way possible.


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