Information on the Syncrometer™, Dr. Hulda Clark's testing device.All force is vibration... So is matter. - Edgar Cayce (900-422) and (1861-16)
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Dr. Hulda Clark, author of The Cure for All Cancers, was led through her research on health to develop the Syncrometer™, an electronic resonant testing machine. This device is used by her to test for the existence of any substance in the body. It is said to work by placing a sample of the substance on one plate, and checking for resonance in the body when the plate is electrically connected to the substance.

Information on the Syncrometer™, Dr. Hulda Clark's testing device.

The Synchrometer allows Hulda Regher Clark to scan clients for resonance with various test substances. Her results were interesting since she kept finding the same substances in clients with similar diseases. Specifically Dr. Hulda Clark found the intestinal fluke in the liver and the presence of propyl alcohol in many of her clients with Cancer. In diabetics, she found the cattle pancreatic fluke in the pancreas and the presence of wood alcohol. Dr. Clark repeatedly found the presence of benzene and the intestinal fluke in the thymus with clients reported to have AIDS. See The Cure For HIV and AIDS.

The more research Dr. Hulda Clark did, the more conditions she found that seemed to have a relationship to parasites. Specifically, she saw this pattern with acne, ALS, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, colitis, Crohn's disease, eczema, endometriosis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, seizures and more. See The Cure for All Diseases.


Please understand that we cannot be responsible for any effects - good or bad - believed due to the use of this device. This website does not make any claims regarding the usefulness of this device, nor does it adopt any claims of the inventor(s). Do not use this device if you are pregnant, using a pacemaker, have heart disorders, are subject to seizures, have metal implants, or have any other serious medical condition. This device is for research and experimentation only, and has not been approved by FDA. The device is not approved for use on humans. Consult your professional health practitioner or Medical Doctor before using this device. Please see our Terms of Use for additional disclaimers.

Syncrometer™ is a registered trademark of Dr. Hulda Clark and The Self Health Resource Center.

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