All about BioWaves Sound Therapy.Frequency: Rate at which a waveform repeats. Expressed in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz). - Learning Music with Synthesizers
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All About Sound Therapy

The study into the healing power of sound started at the same time people first started using and making sounds. Ever since the first cave mothers who discovered that cooing softly would help her baby relax and fall asleep, people have been discovering new and better ways of using sound effectively.

Everything in the world is comprised of frequency at its fundamental core.

Frequency is at the core of everything, every molecule, every atom, every cell. In BioWaves Sound Therapy, we are researching these frequencies as they affect health, emotions, well-being, and even baby sounds.

There is a long to the story of sound and our gradual process of learning how to use it for maximum effect. We have found, however, that the work is based on.

The results, however are the most satisfying part of our research. The sense of awe and accomplishment is wonderful when we see an Autistic child return to main steam schools, or see the pain and of a little girl disappear. Read some testimonials or add your own.

Sound, Frequency and Vibration are energy and energy is matter. Isn't that what Einstein proved with his famous equation E = mc2 ? All of matter vibrates, so doesn't it make sense that the change from matter to energy is simply a change in vibration? What is pure energy anyway?

There are two main areas of our research.

  • Experimenting to determine exactly how sound affects our health
  • Researching what health issues we can detect from the voice frequency energy patterns..

We naturally use music to calm the soul, sooth the nerves, and put our babies to sleep. We all experience the power of sound and music in our every day lives, to beneficial and ill effects. Can you remember the shockingly painful sound of fingernails scraping on a blackboard, or the irritation of a loud sound you couldn't avoid? Or, how about the relaxing sound of your mother's soft voice? Now, even hospitals are seeing the therapeutic use of sound and music on heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, etc.

Our research indicates that we can scientifically use sound to affect health. In fact, it is becoming more well known that particular frequencies affect chemical reactions. It then seems straightforward to realize that therefore frequencies we affect biological systems.

All About Sound Therapy

Researching the Voice

We also theorize, that since frequencies are so important to biological well-being, then there may be a correlation between health issues and ones vocal energy pattern. In fact, this makes a lot of sense when you realize that we automatically detect health and emotional issues just by listening.

We have found that the voice is an accurate map or holograph of the body energetics. Every individual has a unique voice energy print which can be charted with our Voice Spectrum Analysis Software.

When charted, the voice often reveals patterns of sound frequency energy imbalance. We have found that these voice frequencies relate to physical, emotional, genetic, and nutritional conditions. Once the frequency energy patterns are measured, we can supplement the missing frequencies externally with a tonebox. We have also found that rebalancing the frequency energy patterns supports the individual being tested in a way that helps them heal themselves.

This work is very analogous to brain wave entrainment. By providing a constant external input into the biological system at a frequency where it is deficient, it eventually rebalances as it learns to resonate at that frequency.

So, we are literally researching how to apply Einstein's equations to our everyday life.


What about Music Therapy? Isn't it the same thing?

Music Therapy is the application of music by a qualified practitioner to affect positive changes in psychological, physical, mental, or social functioning in the client. Music Therapists have been using the effects of sound and music to successfully improve health in clients for years. The substantial research they have gathered is helpful in illustrating the potential healthful effects of sound therapy, yet their approach has been so process oriented that it has not been able to determine exactly how or why it works.

With sound therapy, we use computer technology to measure the specific frequency imbalances in much the same way as one would measure brain wave activity. The Voice is a holographic blueprint of the whole body. This allows sound therapy to be more subjective since it does not depend on the skill or orientation of the practitioner. After the assessment, appropriate suggestions can be made and actions taken with respect to the identified energetically stressed issues. This laser like approach is then able to support the body. Once the body is supported, it can then utilize its own innate healing abilities to restore health.

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Sound Therapy -
An alternative medicine therapy for holistic health and wellness.



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