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BioWaves Sound Therapy Overview 1   2   3   Research Review

BioWaves Sound Therapy Physics

Physics has shown that mass has frequency. It's just an application of Einstein's E = mc2. Therefore, everything vibrates: atoms, molecules, even the planets, people, everything. By extension, everything in the human body is vibrating. Using this understanding, we analyze the voice print to look for correlation's between frequencies imbalances in the voice, and their associated substances, drugs, vitamins, bio-chemicals, muscles, organs, etc. In a healthy body the thousands of frequency vibrations are related in holding patterns that create harmonious functioning from the muscle to the biochemical level. This harmonious functioning is revealed in the voice, as is disharmonious functioning. The voice print gives us our clues as to what needs to be brought back into balance. We re-create balance with the vibration of frequency.

Achieving Balance

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We bring the body back into balance by a process called bio-resonant entrainment. To understand bio-resonant entrainment, consider the following:

If you hold two similar tuning forks side by side and strike one of them, the other will begin to vibrate. This is called resonance. It is one of the profound understandings of the relationships between resonant bodies, heavenly or human.

There is an influence, interaction and interplay between two or more vibrating bodies in close proximity. This can be exemplified by the synchronization of female hormonal cycles. The frequency vibration of the one tuning fork "entrains" the second tuning fork. The human body also works by resonance and entrainment. This is actually the basis of the effects of hypnosis and rhythm and melody. Pianists use a metronome to entrain beat.

In sound therapy we re-introduce frequencies that have become diminished in the body as observed in the voice. We analyze a voice print to find out what frequencies are "stressed" in the voice. Stressed can mean that there's too much or too little energy at that frequency. We enhance diminished (low amplitude) frequencies, and pull energy away from high amplitude frequencies. This helps the body to both remember and reinstate its natural harmonics and vibrational patterns. The body, hearing the call of its natural harmonics, begins to hum just like the tuning fork. It resonates with the frequency it's being given. And since the body will always return to its optimal functioning if given appropriate imput, it moves towards balance.

Throughout time people have used sound to heal. All the current sound therapies do that. This particular kind of sound therapy does it in a very precise and targeted fashion using the human voice as the focus of analysis and the physics of vibrating bodies as the therapy. There is not yet a large body of published research in this field. Following the usual pattern of innovation, there is much more anecdotal evidence than delineated research, meaning that therapists are reporting their results to one another and helping each other to explore patterns and protocols. There is a certain amount of by-the-book research, however. What we know from the results of practitioners is that sound potentially could work on a large number of conditions because if the body is brought back into balance it knows how to re-align itself, fight disease and correct illness.

BioWaves Sound Therapy Overview 1   2   3   Research Review

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