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Research Review

From this perspective, of vibrational alignment as the primary ground of health and disease, sound therapy has had some astonishing results. Diverse conditions from blood pressure, muscle spasms, absorption problems, to autism and attention deficit disorders have all been helped with sound therapy. A preliminary research study has shown positive results greater than placebo with autistic children. In one case of a child receiving sound therapy for autism, the improvement was so noticeable, the school called the parents to ask if they could retest their son as the school did not believe the child belonged in the autism program any longer.

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Other research using similar low frequency sounds showed a reduction 13 months later in the relapse rate from 80 percent to 20 percent of alcoholics who listened to a 20 minute cassette fifteen times instead of regular therapy. [Peniston, E. G., & Kulkosky, P.J. (1989, March/April). Alpha-Theta Brainwave Training and B-Endorphine Levels in Alcoholics. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research,13, (2), 271-279.]

Using the BioWaves technology, practitioners are able to program toneboxes with the frequencies that need to be brought back into balance. Clients listen to the frequencies via headphones or with vibration transducers and the resonance effect begins the realignment. The toneboxes can be reprogrammed as needed and are light-weight and easy to carry. It is fascinating to watch the wealth of body sensations clients experience while listening to these tones. It is as if the tones are a Rorschach, facilitating myriad feeling states in the client. In time, the tone no longer has this appeal. Suddenly the client doesn't want it any longer. The frequency has been brought into balance in the body and the body no longer wants to be stimulated by it. This can happen very suddenly or slowly, but client's are usually a little surprised. However this is exactly what we hope for. The body will let us know when the frequency no longer needs to be amplified.

BioWaves Sound Therapy Physics 1   2   3    

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