Frequency Analysis of Metallothionein DisorderOur figures show approximately four and one half million hospital admissions annually due to the adverse reactions to drugs. Further, the average hospital patient has as much as thirty percent chance, depending how long he is in, of doubling his stay due to adverse drug reactions. - Milton Silverman, M.D. Professor of Pharmacology, University of California
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Frequency Analysis of Metallothionein Disorder

by Lauren O'Brien


The vibration rate or frequency of the MT protein is between 6000-7000 Hz. A correlation between octaves and severity of dysfunction has been observed. The low frequency waveform has been divided into octaves using a linear approach.
The C-4 octave at the far left represents information about the body that is deep in the cells. C-3 is one layer out and includes blood and lymph tissue, C-2 is organ and bones and C-1 is muscle and facia, middle C is the skin and subcutaneous fat. The lower an octave a waveform is found to be in, the more pervasive or deeper the problem.

Voice Frequency Plot Example

The more severe the symptoms of an autistic child where, the deeper into the waveform the MT waveform was found. Children with Severe symptoms had their MT waveform in the C-4 octave. Those children who had mild symptoms had their MT waveform in the C-2 octave. Locating the stressed waveform and the octave it is appearing in should correlate to the degree of dysfunction exhibited in a child. Those children who showed improvement over time had a corresponding change in waveform type, configuration and placement as well. Below are two examples of a child that has experienced an increase in his symptoms over the past year. The first waveform is from 2 years ago. At that time the child had good verbal skills, and was attending a school program. He exhibited mild signs of obsessive compulsive behavior.

Voice Print Taken August 13, 2000
Taken 08/13/2000

The MT protein is in a spike in C-4 indicating that an overabundance of MT's are active and working. C-3 shows mild dysfunction.

Removal of Heavy Metals from the Body 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   Examples of Metallothionein Disorder Voice Prints

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