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Sound - Dr. Georgia Neff

Before we get too much further into things I'd like to introduce Dr. Georgia Neff who has a background that includes both science and shamanism. Her father was an aerospace engineer and her mother was from the Padawatami tribe. She holds a doctorate in psychology with a lot of clinical experience. Dr. Neff, you said we run into trouble understanding sound because of the way we usually think of ourselves.

"The problem with the language is that in our language we say so sound, this thing over here, some object over here, might tell me something about myself and that the fact of the matter is you are sound. You are frequency distribution. You are a dancing wave form. That's what creates matter. If you looked at it from the physics side of it, it's not really that hard to understand but you have to look at it kind of not the normal theory but sort of beyond the normal theory. I have physicist friends and they understand it. They say yeah. That would be true actually. It's just that we're not used to thinking about ourselves that way and because we make ourselves discontinuous from the world of which we are apart we have a hard time understanding that we do operate as that world operates and it operates primarily by a distribution of frequencies. And so if you start seeing yourself that way then you see that everything that you're made of and everything you put in your mouth and eat and that's in your digestive tract and all the ways those chemicals have been broken down and the entire array of tissue formation and organ formation and everything is all about frequency wave forms configuring themselves in a certain way."

So what do you think happens when we have a disease?

"When you have disease you have underlying conditions of frequency abnormality or frequency distributions really going south. You're literally skewed as one might say in a curve. You're not in the natural distribution any more of those frequencies."

Shabnam Frey-Yadav is a Sound Practitioner in Switzerland. She's originally from India and studied Homeopathy in England. I asked her to give me a simple explanation of why we can get information from the voice.

"The body is a chemical factory and all the molecules in the body are moving around at various speeds and this is frequencies. We can't hear them because our hearing is limited but our voice box acts as an amplifier for these sounds and that's why every voice is so individual because you're using all these sounds that are happening inside of you."

So how does sound effect us?

"The basic principle of Sound Therapy is repetition and resonance. We do know in science that if a certain frequency hits something that is similar it will begin to resonate in sympathy. So if you play a certain frequency and actually anything that is close by to that frequency will begin to vibrate with it. Supposing calcium is not vibrating in its actual frequency in your body and so the body does not recognize this any more and so doesn't use it. And if you give the frequency of calcium then this will begin to resonate and the other one will begin to resonate with it in sympathy and then re-establish itself."

Dr. Neff.

"If you record somebody's voice into a computer and you put it through software that actually arranges frequencies, that takes the frequencies and arrays them for you, then you have a map of what is going on in the body because it's in the voice. It's that principle that the body is telling us in many, many, many different ways, the voice being merely one of them, what's going on with it."

You said you once used sound to give your neighbor the frequency of oxygen.

"I had a neighbor who was in congestive heart failure and was having pretty serious problems. I hadn't seen him for a little while. When he came over I was shocked at seeing him. His skin was quite gray and he wasn't talking in a subtle way quite right. It was obvious that he was in trouble. I had heard about this. So we did a long clinical interview with him and then we took a voice print and certainly oxygen was one of the things that was quite deficient in his voice. A measurement of the actual oxygenation in his body showed it to be quite low. And so we started doing different sound trials on him to figure out what his body was going to respond to the best and it was just very tiring for him. I could see that. I finally just said oh the heck with this and I went down to oxygen and tried out some protocols for giving him oxygen. Over a several minute period of time he went from gray to pink. He started talking like he normally does. There was quite an improvement in him. He actually had an occluded artery and he actually needed surgery and he saw his cardiologist very soon and he was having a major problem with his oxygen that they hadn't realized. We notified that cardiologist of some findings of ours and he was very happy to have them and thought it probably saved his life."

Sound - An Introduction to BioWaves Sound Therapy 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   Sound - Kathleen LeGare

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