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"This is a grass roots research project. It's just people out there doing it. People who have taken on the responsibility. If you want to be on the edge, on the cutting edge of a new technology I think this is going to be it. I think this is something so new and so exciting that a person who has that kind of mad scientist hidden within them like myself, this is a wonderful field to be in."

"As Casey said, the future of healing lies in sound. There's no doubt about it."

Kathleen, would you mind giving a summary of The Sound Assistant?

"Well, The Sound Assistant really makes information accessible and that's what we're looking for. We're looking for information of frequencies so we get that simply by speaking into a microphone for fifteen seconds and then we wait while the computer crunches the numbers and then a series of grids or windows will come up and at that point you are able to decipher what frequencies are too high or too low. Then you can switch over to a data base that lists all of the biochemicals or substances that these frequencies relate to. You can put the puzzle together. Of course you will take a little bit of training but The Sound Assistant comes with a tutorial package so that it will take you step-by-step on how to understand what the octave grids mean. There is a lot of self-education and you'll find yourself learning a lot about biochemistry and anatomy."

There's an attitude which most good healers hold and I've found it prevalent in all of the people we've heard from. It's a knowledge that sometimes illness is a teacher and so it's not possible nor even desirable to go out and heal everyone. But for the people who find their way to your door, if you keep an attitude that you're merely present to serve that person in whatever capacity you can and that it's not really you doing anything other than providing an environment where they can heal themselves, something miraculous takes place.

"Giving the body frequencies that are missing just seems to help bring it back into balance and then it can do its own thing better. I don't believe that the sounds cure anything. The sounds help the body get back to a balance where it is able to deal with its own problems."

"We simply are there. Actually we're not doing the healing at all. It's happening on some other level. So we simply are there open and we simply go through the whole motions and then whatever comes or whatever happens. That sounds terribly esoteric and terribly unscientific but that's how it goes. That's really how we work. And we get amazed at the results. So with everybody it's different."

"You really have to come from a kind of open humility about this or any kind of healing work and not get real stuck on the idea of any constructs you have about what's going on. It's like you do this simultaneous thing. You hold your construct because it helps make some sort of order out of what may seem to be chaos but then having held your construct you need to be able to modify it and loosen it up and really listen to the uniqueness of individuals."

If you've enjoyed these conversations and would like to look further into the technology of The Sound Assistant, please visit That's B-I-O-W-A-V-E-S dot com. Or you can contact Biowaves at 1-800-734-3588. You have permission to make copies of this recording and distribute it in its entirety. For permission to broadcast it please contact Biowaves. Well, I hope you have enjoyed listening as much as I've enjoyed putting this all together. My thanks goes to all the participants and sound practitioners I've met and to you, the people who will research this technology and take it to whoever most needs it.


Sound - More Dr. Albright 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9    

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