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Sound - Story of a Boy with Liptofasinosis

We're going to move to a different topic but before we do, Alfred, you told me a story about a boy from Italy that was really quite something.

"A small boy in Italy he has a disease called Liptofasinosis which means his brain nerves are degenerating back into fatty mass. That means he was three years old, he was an absolutely normal child, then he started staggering and he had an epileptic fit and a year later he was in a wheel chair and one and a half years later he was blind and he could only talk three or four words. It's a fatal disease according to medicine and that's been four years ago and the child should be dead. So the parents heard of us and they came all the way from Italy up to Switzerland and we treated the boy and the mother herself now is a specialist. She knows a lot about bioacoustics simply because then she read everything and we sat and talked. Anyway the boy is alive. He's still in a wheelchair. He is still blind. But he is much more lively. The disease, as such, seems to have stopped. It hasn't gotten worse. He was not able, at the time when he came, to really swallow. All the food would drip down his lips and mouth. He can swallow. He can eat properly. He goes to kindergarten meaning he goes there everyday. So he is quite okay. And, like I said, accordingly to (unintelligible) medicine he should be dead."

Now some of the healing that you've heard about so far was not done exclusively with sound because a lot of the practitioners use multiple modalities. Dr. Moscow also uses music and light therapy. Shabnam and Alfred sometimes use Ayruvedic medicine and homeopathy. Dr. Neff and Dr. Albright will supplement sounds with nutrition and emotional help. So the question that I have is does sound always work?

"If you just took sound there'd probably be something like in the neighborhood of between thirty to fifty percent that by just running certain protocols and whatever you would get some improvement if the practitioner had any idea of what they're doing. But then for the rest of that seventy to fifty percent I would say there's a whole lot of other factors operating and that's kind of the fun of this whole field of study. It's like well another important thing is digestion. That's a huge factor. Because I do both the Microscope and the sound and I almost always do them on the same people there are certain things like if they have a serious digestive deficiency I don't think you're going to cure that with sound. I think they may need digestive enzymes. I watched that help people an enormous amount. So sometimes I never do sound work on people. I just do the analysis because I get their diet sufficiently changed that when I redo their voice print they've solved all these other problems. You have to get nutrients in for the body. You can't just give them by frequency. You actually have to put them in the body and then you may or may not be supporting them with frequency. So there's a big chunk that goes to digestion and that may be solved without sound or, in fact, after you've given them say digestive enzymes, if you're still noticing that they're having a hard time with something that you know they're getting enough of then you can assume that they're not absorbing it enough and you might give frequencies and the enzymes. Or with calcium or any number of things like that. Then there's the emotional components behind illness. And for some people that just isn't a big deal and for other it is a big deal and so will sound simply solve that problem? Well, I think that it will relieve it for a period of time but if the underlying problem psychologically isn't addressed then they'll even habituate to a frequency and go back into the same situation. That's my belief about it. So it's hard to say but as a big tool I've been real pleased to add it to the things that I do and it would be almost impossible for me to imagine really seriously looking at someone at this point in time without looking at their voice print. It's just too much information to ignore."

Sound - Dr. Neff's Story about Colon Cancer 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   Sound - More Dr. Albright

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