Sound - Kathleen LeGareIf all the medicine in the world were thrown into the sea, it would be bad for the fish and good for humanity - O.W. Holmes, Prof. of Med. Harvard University
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Sound - Kathleen LeGare

Kathleen LeGare is a school teacher, singer and sound practitioner. She was initially attracted to the field of sound because of a story.

"Well, the story that intrigued me the most was of the gentleman that had a motorcycle accident that sheared his tibia and shattered his kneecap in thirty-two places. He was told by his doctors he would never walk again. They had to surgically remove his kneecap. They removed every shrapnel left or piece of kneecap. He had nerve damage in his leg. And through sound, beginning with relieving his pain that morphine couldn't even begin to relieve, just listening to particular tones that were given to the practitioner relieved his pain by about, he says, ninety percent. Then, through the course of two years, he regrew his patella which is his kneecap. I thought that was remarkable. I met this gentleman and, in fact, you can see the scar on his leg but if you closed your eyes and ran your hand over his leg you would not feel the scar it healed so cleanly. I understand that there is really no scar line on the bone that healed. And the nerves were regenerated. This was all through using, listening to, particular sounds and tones."

I'm not sure most people realize the power of using their own voices. Could you talk a little bit about toning?

"I've been a singer my whole life so singing is a form of toning. So, one, it came naturally to me. I was not afraid to make a sound. When I discovered the power of sound to heal I had a very deep sense that we have been gifted from our creator with all that we need to heal our bodies. We have our ears and we have our vocal boxes. With knowing what sound could do and believing that I had everything I needed to create my own healing, I went ahead and utilized the tools."

Can you give an example?

"The first time I did this I was about to return to work and I wanted to be done with teaching. It had become a battle for me and yet I was put in the position where I had to go back to teaching and not only half time but back full time which was meaning that it was going to take away everything else that I had built. I was really, really saddened by this and angered by it. I couldn't get past it. So I had to do this. I had to go back to work. I had no choice there. So I asked for guidance on which tones to use in order to heal this process."

All right. So based on your intuition, you picked a particular note to tone and a vowel sound. I think you said it was "e". You sang that for awhile. Then you toned your birth note and we'll talk about that a little bit later. You did that for about a minute. Then what happened after you toned?

"I was a little bit more centered and at peace when I went to bed that night and then the next morning I woke up and as I was getting dressed I just broke down in tears. I'm not a person who cries easy. It takes a lot to make me cry. But this was almost as if a dam had broken and I gushed. I sobbed just heavily for about fifteen minutes. Then I brushed my hair and I brushed my teeth and I got dressed and I got to work. I was able to totally embrace my job after this. Before that it was complete repulsion. I was so repelled I can't describe. So that was really one of the ways I used toning to help me."

What do you think sound does?

"Sound has the ability to restructure matter."

To me that's a pretty strong statement. You actually experienced that.

"In conjunction with Dark Field Blood Analysis, they call is Microscopy, my blood was very, very sticky and we did many things over the course of four days to try to get it to unstick with no success. We used enzymes and colloidal silver and avoiding particular fatty foods, etc., but it was quite obvious that I wasn't getting the protein digestion that I needed and my blood was dirty with particular protoplasms and bacteria. So with the use of voice analysis I decided on tones that would be beneficial and so I sat and I vocally toned these notes myself and we did another blood analysis immediately following the toning and low and behold my blood was quite clean."

The person who took the blood sample was Dr. Neff.

"I also do Microscopy which is a live cell analysis where you are able to view blood on a TV screen, a microscope and a camcorder. We can look at a lot of what's going on in the blood. So she had very what we call agglutinated blood. The red blood cells were sticking together. And aside from the fact that you can't really tell what's really going on in the blood as a whole because you have this big sticky mass, you're really cutting down on the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can get into cells and out of them if their surface area is stuck together. And so the first thing I thought of because it's what usually works with people, is to give her food enzymes because it's very often a sign of different kinds of indigestion of proteins. I gave her enzymes and we kept doing this over a course of days and we took her blood many times every day. I'm sure at least five times a day. So we were watching the progress of this. I was giving her some really extraordinarily and fairly powerful food enzymes which in most people would knock that agglutination down by about at least half within thirty minutes. It just wasn't touching it. Sometimes it would seem a little bit better but nothing to write home about. So we were kind of puzzled by this and she was also a toner though she does a very different kind of toning than I do. So she sat with the piano tuner and she got it so she could consistently tone in the note of C and I went out and sat with her for maybe five minutes and we both toned. We directly took her in and took her blood and she had the most amazingly clear blood and there wasn't one red blood cell stuck together. I'm sure she had some other things in her blood that she'd want to look at but in terms of just the health of the red blood cells these were all separate red blood cells and not this huge gluey mess. This is after days of trying everything she does fifteen to twenty minutes of toning C and, shazam, her blood is cleared up."

So how could something like that change so quickly?

"Because the beingness that we are is entirely at this frequency distribution level. Or if you want to say it another way at the sub-atomic level. But that means frequency, too. An atom is all about frequency. It can just be that fast with some things. She didn't have an underlying disease. She didn't have an underlying condition that was pushing towards this. There was just some frequency deficiency or weakness in her voice and women very, very often have a weakness in C. I do in my own voice. And so that's not so surprising. As she brought it back in her voice there's just energetically it automatically changes."

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