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Sound - Dr. Peter Moscow

Dr. Peter Moscow was raised in Ireland and has a number of degrees from Trinity College in Dublin in Philosophy of Science and Mathematical Logic. He originally became involved in alternative medicine to try to cure a few of his own problems and he moved to the United States in 1976. He is currently President of the US Psychotronics Association and is a Bio-Energetic Practitioner with a twenty year old practice. Dr. Moscow, can you talk a little bit about music?

"I consider music to have, as its primary purpose, is to work with the level of the self and the soul so that there can be true healing in the formulation such as the Bach Remedies. They do very similar things. But I consider music to have some of the highest structure involved in healing and I think that it can open up channels for experience and change. If you want to make change and cause reversal of disease patterns then in order for that to happen the body's information system must be set up to receive whatever it's getting, whether it be a drug or medicine of any kind, energetic or otherwise. It must be in a position to receive, integrate and shift. If that cannot happen then it is very difficult. We find with the music this facilitates the change dramatically."

So I know one of the things you use is a vibrational bed that incorporates music, sound and light.

"The basic thing we're doing on the particular bed I'm talking about is music vibrations scale but we add to that light therapies and we often do the sound boxes with it as well so that they're getting specific tones that are working with their particular problem. I do a lot of other things on that therapy bed but the sound is all encompassing. It's a very powerful experience and so they're literally submersed. They're inside the sound box so to speak. They're inside the music. The experimental side of it is enough to convince most people that it works and usually within thirty minutes to one hour. I find that the benefits that they get from this are quite easy to discern. For instance pain very often goes away. I'll give you a simple example of that. A lady came in who was literally post-hospice. She had been seen by hospice and she had outlived even their expectation. She wasn't much more than a match stick. She had every part removed imaginable. She was on morphine on demand. She was in excruciating pain and waiting to die. She got on the bed I think a total of three times before she died. But those were the only times, as her boyfriend pointed out to me afterwards, those were the only times that she was completely pain free and she was able to relax and sleep and get some genuine peace. Now I would consider that a tremendous effect from sound and music. You know and a little bit more that we do but to me that's a significant benefit. I have a lot of people who come in who are critically ill so if we can get rid of their pain and distress and also help them towards recovery which we very frequently will do, then these are facilitators of the highest order."

Can you give one more example of your experience with sound?

"Well, first of all, I've used it myself so I know clearly it gets rid of pain and distress. It seems to lower blood pressure and gives me a great night's sleep sometimes if I use it late into the evening. There's all kinds of side benefits that I've found. But there was one time my wife had an extreme acute mid to lower abdominal pain and I took a voice print. The information that we got, the way that we got it did not itself come directly out of the analysis. Anyway, I gave her the tone for thallium. I won't go into why that happened. That's a bit more complex. But I gave her the tone for thallium and within like two minutes the pain was gone and it was that dramatic. She was in really acute distress. Given her prior history and what I know about her it would not have resolved without proper medication of some kind. That's kind of one thing. I've seen a great deal of pain and distress go away from people when they're using it. That was a very, very fast one. But I've seen people with headaches where it's gone away in moments."

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