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Sound - More Dr. Albright

Dr. Albright.

"Sound does not always work. What we're doing now is still so experimental and there are so many variables involved. For example, you take twelve people with a problem like insomnia, you may find twelve different reasons biochemically or emotionally or whatever that these people are not sleeping well. So you can't just say well this frequency works for insomnia. So it's different for every person. I have people constantly calling me up and saying I have a person with such and such. What frequency should I try? And my response is always the same. Try the frequencies that are missing from their energetic body. Pay no attention whatsoever to any kind of theories about what ought to work for that condition. Find the sound their body responds to. Try the things that are missing from their energy body or the inverse of things that are over represented in their body. Find a frequency that their body likes. Then what we'll do is we'll take that frequency and we'll research it and we'll try to figure out why it worked because more is unknown than is known right now. If you try to approach the therapy logically through what we know you're more likely to be misled and make mistakes then to do it right. The technology worked before any associations were made with biochemicals at all. You find the energies the body needs that feels good to the body, that makes the oxygen level go up and the pulse go down."

You mentioned the word inverse.

"Every frequency has at least one other frequency that seems to balance its effects."

So how hard is it to use sounds?

"You have to be self-motivated to do this work and you have to be very curious and have somewhat of a love of science and a love of people. You do not have to have a musical background to do this. You have to be able to read. You have to have basic mathematical skills and you have to have a curiosity about science. If you have that as a lay person you can do this work."


Sound - Story of a Boy with Liptofasinosis 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   Sound - Concluded

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