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Sound - Dr. Neff's Story about Colon Cancer

Dr. Neff, you had an experience with a lady that was later diagnosed with colon cancer.

"One of the things that you can do with sound is that you can give the frequency of a loved one who's just gone for some reason, including death, to a person to whom whose really had a relationship with that particular frequency in that other person. Because we all have, in this theory, we all have birth frequencies. I remember that I gave her a lot of different frequencies. This was before the colon cancer was diagnosed. She was in a fair amount of distress. There was a lot of stuff going on with kind of spleen, pancreas, liver. She had tenderness in those areas. So we were working with different frequencies. Her father's frequencies. Her mother's frequencies. Just a bunch of different things. And including just some structural and physical biochemical substance frequencies. And I remember that her mother's frequencies really helped with a certain level of pain that she was having on her lower left side on her abdomen. Then I thought to give her deceased husband's frequency and I gave it to her and tears just welled. She didn't know it. I didn't tell her this was what I was doing. Tears welled up in her eyes and she turned to me and she said oh that's the most lovely, lovely frequency. Then I told her it was her husband's frequency and she said, "I felt like that. I felt him near and I felt that sense of love." So hearing his frequency actually sort of diffused in her the actual sense of his presence. It was very poignant. As soon as she heard it tears were welling up in her eyes and spilling on to her cheeks."

We talked about addictions and you mentioned that sound often works with addictive relationships as well.

"Somebody might be in a very dysfunctional, as a psychologist I certainly know this, like in a very dysfunctional relationship but having a really hard time getting out of it. One possibility is that a strong frequency coming out of the other person that is missing in the person who is having a hard time getting out of the relationship may be the reason they're staying is because they need that frequency. And so it's happened that people have been given that frequency and if they get enough of it than the relationship is not something that they're addicted to any more and they can leave it. Then the other case I would say is just people I've worked with with depression that almost always they felt much better over time. Someone that I'm not working with any more just recently told a friend of mine I never felt so well as when Georgia was working with me and it was with sound."

Sound - Alfred and Shabnam Frei-Yadav 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   Sound - Story of a Boy with Liptofasinosis

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